Personal coaching: What will I become as a ”Grown-up”?


This is the question that many ponders even at this moment. The question is not valid just for young people considering about their future, but it´s more and more current to many who already have a long work history. The reason for that can be that the values of the company have changed towards the direction that doesn´t match your own values any more. Continuous organizational changes, layouts and other quickly changing situations at work have eaten up the motivation, caused frustration and exhaustion with the existing situation. The work doesn´t feel reasonable any more. It doesn´t give the contents that you wish for. Some people count years to be retired and wonder how they will cope and manage until that.

Middle-aged people are the best work power, as they have plenty of both work and life experience and they still are healthy, strong and willing to give their best. It´s even possible that the best potential has not been used and shown yet. Many would still like to test their wings and maybe do something totally different than they have done so far. But what would that be? That possibility we´ll search in this coaching process.

Could I still do something different or new? What on earth will I be as a ”grown-up”?

One of the biggest obstacles connected to these thoughts is fear.  It´s totally human, that at so big thoughts you will get scared. In front of you there seems to be a jump into unknown and when you have no idea what the future will be, it´s easier to stay where you are, in familiarity and safety. At that point you start to convince yourself, that this is just fine… I can sill manage a few more years.. In behind of those well-meant words there still is a stronger voice, that will constantly remind you, that you are not listening to your heart. And when you long enough act against yourself, that will from the inside eat away your strength, life joy and even deteriorate your health.

The question is, how much you value yourself and what kind of life you want to live! Within you there might be a feeling of curiosity or enthusiasm, that you still have something more to give! But what could that be? What would it mean in practice? Those questions don´t leave you alone, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself something else. What if you still would dare to find out and probably find a new meaning to your life – maybe even a mission, that you´ve been secretly missing? How would your life be then? Wouldn´t it be great to express yourself, the natural talents and gifts in a best possible way?

But what will the others say? In this world situation it´s crazy to change jobs. You cannot get a new profession at this age. Nobody will hire a forty-fifty years old. Ok, let´s return to the ground and forget those dreams..

Those sentences represent a quite typical inner talk, which we have within our head all the time. There is an inner struggle with the heart and brain. There are some limiting beliefs, diminishing yourself and fear –  all those barriers, why we couldn´t be and do, what we really want. Among others these are the topics to be handled in this coaching, so that you´ll learn to recognize the obstacles you have and clear those out of your dreams!





If there was even a tiny sparkle of repressed inspiration and a desire to know,  if you still could be ready for something new. Something you don´t yet know, what it is, but which existence you recognize, then this is the right coaching for you. You know that to get that you need to work, but you are ready for that. Actually you´ve been mad-up for this a long time and now is just the right moment to set forth!

This nine (9) month´s coaching is an intensive journey into yourself. It will help you to see your own uniqueness, strengthen your assets, clarify your dreams and give you the courage and power to make those happen. With that you can separate the essential and choose, what you will take with you from the past and what you don´t want to carry with you anymore. It will arise your creativity and help you find possibilities you didn´t know that existed. It will make you examine your life from many different angels and yet all the time keeping in mind the main goal: you will know, what to do when you grow up.

For some it might mean a brand new profession, starting your own company, studying or maybe finding a new motivation to a current job. Sometimes it happens, that during the process, you will be offered a new, meaningful and motivational assignment, when the problem will be resolved like by itself. That hardly would have happened without starting the coaching, but it happened because you had a courage to take a step for yourself and by doing that you gave the universe a sign, that you are ready for something much better in your life!  To that kind of courage the universe will answer by opening new doors, offering new possibilities and choices.

In this journey you will get a bunch of practical tools, that you will have joy and benefit in your daily life a long time after the coaching. So, are you ready?




  • Your self-knowledge will improve. After the coaching you will know yourself much better: recognize your strengths, abilities and gifts, understand your limiting thoughts and beliefs, learn how to change those to constructive ones.
  • Your self-esteem and self-confidence will be strengthened. You´ll learn to value and believe in yourself.
  • Your creativity will increase, when you have a courage to step out of the comfort zone, think ”out-of-the-box” and challenge yourself to notice the previously unseen possibilities.
  • You´ll dare to meet your fears and recognize more often also other feelings within you.
  • Your point of view will extend, when you start to see things more open and see the choices you haven´t seen before.
  • You will allow yourself to succeed in what you want.
  • You will understand the big picture of humanity: even if we concentrate on finding a dream job, it won´t happen without a genuine self-knowledge.
  • You will be more gentle and understanding towards yourself. You will appreciate yourself and learn to be your best friend.
  • You will learn to be more present in this moment and listen to your inner wisdom. You´ll reach inner peace and balance.
  • You´ll learn to recognize your own boundaries and say no thank you! You will no longer act against yourself.
  • You will find clarity on what you want. You dare to dream and make your dreams come true.
  • You´ll get the courage to make all the necessary changes in your life. You´ll get the experience that you can use any time later in life.
  • You will find a meaningfulness to your life and at the same time you´ll free yourself to be fully who you are supposed to be.
  • You will shine vitality and welfare. You have a courage to be who you really are! With your own example you´ll encourage many others to take full responsibility of their lives.


IF AT LEAST ONE of the following thoughts feels good in your heart, then this is the right coaching for you:

  • You are ready to find out who you really are and what you want.
  • You want to do the work, which you enjoy and where you can embody yourself in the best possible way.
  • You know you have much more potential and to give, but haven´t yet find a way to express that.
  • You are ready to step outside of your comfort zone in order to find new, creative options and solutions to yourself, your job and your life.
  • You are ready to make changes i your life! You might have tried to do something earlier, but that hasn´t led to the state where you´d like to be. That might be partly, because the changes create fear and you no longer know how to move forward.
  • You are willing to do everything, that will give you the clarity on what to do ”as a grown-up”. You realize that the unsatisfied current situation cannot go on and that´s why you are willing to make efforts to change the situation.
  • You want to recognize your own potential unused talents and possibilities to show them up fully.
  • You want to find a joy (of work), enthusiasm and inspiration to your life.
  • You want to find a feeling of meaningfulness into your life.
  • You are interested in being more present and to make clear choices and decisions.
  • You want to be happy and enjoy life.

IF YOU STILL have doubts, despite of a small sparkle of inspiration or hope or maybe a feeling of relief has arisen, you can double check that your with a couple of questions:

1. Is this RIGHT for me?   2. Is this GOOD for me?

Let the answers come from your heart and feel also the emotions that your body tells you. If the answer for both questions is YES, then this is the right help tool for you!



Coaching entirety is always a process where advancement happens also between the appointments – through all our time together and long afterwards. The process starts from your mental decision to take part in it.  Then you will commit yourself to this path of growth: you will give yourself a permit to move forward in your life and you intend to do it now!

A lot will happen in nine months – all the time also outside the coaching sessions. Your subconscious mind works with the issues dealt in sessions and you might get insights at any moment even if you don´t think the subject. So please keep a pen and paper always available! It´s worth to write down all that comes to your mind right away so you don´t forget that. Everything is important considering the entirety and can lead the process much deeper than the meaning was originally.

As your coach and co-traveler my job is to be sensitive to grab the points that need to be noticed and to help you move on your path. I also take care that I will support, question, challenge, encourage and softly but firmly ”push” you so that the tasks will be done and the advancement will truly happen! This process is not just a theory but at this time we will really turn the good intentions into actions!

Each coaching process will continue a long time after it has finished. The longer the coaching, the longer is the affect afterwards. Even in three months so much will happen that to smelt it all and take it into action takes some time. There will be notifications and insights even after months. Sometimes it can happen that the biggest insights happen specifically after the coaching process is over. The coaching will plant a seed, put a start of something that will take it´s time to grow.

For me it´s extremely important to be honest! I do this job with all my heart and I want to help you to live as happy life as possible! That´s why I always before starting the process will keep a half-an-hour session to discuss your situation and also check if our chemistry works, for both ways. For a successful process it´s essentially important that the co-operation flows, is easy and there is a mutual trust. Everything that will arise in the process, is absolutely confidential. It´s an honor for me to do well my job and if necessary, I´m able to say that I might not be the right person to help you. Then I will guide you forward to one of my colleagues or another professional.



Terhi´s experience about this coaching process:

“I anticipated my potential 40-year-crisis by jumping consciously to the driver seat in my life. I enjoyed my work, but felt that I used my energy to build a wrong career. With the help of Kaija I started to find out, what kind of work is right for me. To my surprise I realized, that it´s  more important to get to know myself first instead of focusing on the career. With very concrete exercises I reached the result I hoped for: I felt good with myself. I also got functional means to work with my thoughts. Those means I have often used afterwards.

My own job became more meaningful, when I knew , who I really am. I started to live a life 24 hours a day, not just on vacations and weekends. I realized how I make everyday life to my kind of life.

When I made those changes in my daily life, I also got a new job. The recruitment process was fair to both sides – now I could tell, what kind of person I really am and what I can offer.

This coaching has been one of my best investments on myself ever. ”

-Terhi Jaakkola

As you can see from the picture, Terhi is an active nature person. She keeps a mesmerizing Endorfiininmetsästäjä -blog and for that she asked me some tips for those returning from a long summer holiday.





Kaija Pitkäniemi

is a warm and intuitive mental coach, trainer, writer, speaker and the owner of Intuitivo. Kaija has written a book: Elämän virrassa – Miten elät linjassa muutosten kanssa  (In the flow of life – how to live aligned with the changes).  It includes two topics close to her heart: to know yourself authentically and to take full responsibility of your own life. Based on the book there is also a webcourse In the flow of life available (at the moment only in Finnish) Elämän virrassa –verkkokurssi. Besides her own regular blog she writes blogs to Viisas Elämä –pages, Evento-magazine pages and some other visitor blogs.

The humanity in all forms is meaningful for Kaija: the challenges and stumbles in humanity and growing as a human are her permanent interest. There is a lot of work for each of us, as we will never be ”ready” as humans – luckily so! On the other hand it´s the own experience and lived life that give the ingredients where Kaija draws contents also to the coachees. Kaija believes strongly that own experience overdrives the best theory. For her it´s also important that the issues handled are practical and solutions can easily be adapted in every day life.

Guided by a strong intuition Kaija has gathered quite a wide range of life experience. It´s not always easy to walk your own path. At the same time it still has been impossible not to hear her heart´s voice. Professionally this has meant a jump from the youth´s calling in travel business to a sidetrack in IT-business and from there towards the mission today. In 2011 Kaija founded her own one-woman-company Intuitivo, which was nominated with Nordic Business Awards 2016 –palkinnon kategoriassa: Best for Personal Growth Coaching & Training – Finland.

Kaija has a sincere desire to help people to know themselves better so that they can become the persons they truly are. The more the honesty towards yourself grows, the more increases the understanding towards the others. The capacity to take a full responsibility in life brings both space and freedom to live the life you wish for. Living according to her heart and warm humor show in Kaija´s coachings and trainings in the form of easygoing way to meet each person. She has a talent to get people open out, inspire and participate.


Because Kaija has bravely fulfilled her own dreams and now lives most of the year in Northern Spain, the sessions will mainly take place through Skype. You will get the address when signing up. The coaching includes:

  • 30 minutes becoming acquainted, when we discuss your situation, what you want to have help for and also check that our chemistry match. If for some reason I´m not the right person to help you, we can finish the discussion with common agreement right there. Then you won´t pay anything so there is no economic risk. If we decide to continue together, this is how we´ll proceed:
  • A preliminary task before the first session
  • 9 x 1,5 hour coaching in about every four weeks (once a month). As methods I use e.g. powerful questions, mindfulness and visualization practices, Keys to Balance ® -self-knowledege method and especially for this purpose (finding a new profession / job) applicable diverse exercises.
    • 8 x 1,5 hour coaching about every month
    • The ninth session: in the last time we summarize what we have learned, what has happened, what has changed and what still needs to be done and how to move from here forward.
  • Between every session you commit to make the given tasks.
  • A possibility for 3 x 30 minutes Skype / WhatsUp -discussion during the coaching process
  • You have an email support during the whole process.



The price of the coaching process is: 170€ / month  – 9 instalments, total cost 1530€ or bullet payment 1490€. If you wish for other payment arrangements, please contact.

The prices include:

  • 24% VAT
  • totally 16 hours of personal coaching
  • all the exercises during the coaching process, the materials and tools that you can use also later
  • Observe and Learn -self-knowledge material
  • my full concentration on you during our journey together

A personal coaching is a big investment in yourself – both in time and money. Yet, it is your life from now on. That´s why I ask you: How much are you willing to invest in yourself? Or conversely: Can you afford of NOT investing in you?  I´m convinced  that this coaching will pay itself back multiply!

Your future is in your hands: What do you choose?


Did something keep you occupied? Don´t hesitate to contact me! Send your questions or ask for more information:


I warmly welcome to find out What you will become as a ”Grown-up”?

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